Cloud DevOps

Leverage the right tools to improve software development lifecycles

Increase your velocity to better serve your customers

When software is an integral part of your business, use it to increase operational efficiency? Adopt the philosophy: consolidating software development and IT operations for maximum efficiency and minimal interruption.

Why eCloud for DevOps

What makes our solution different?

eCloud provides flexible services designed to enable companies to more rapidly and reliably build and deliver products using AWS and DevOps practices.

Does your team suffer from repeated deployment failures and rollbacks? For performance-oriented DevOps culture, contact eCloud to refine your business value.


Built on top of agile programming methodology, DevOps breaks larger codebases into smaller manageable features, making it easy to detect code defects.


Automated deployment provides consistency and will help you manage to change systems with reduced risk. Infrastructure as code, for example, is one tool that can be leveraged for optimal efficiency.

Rapid Delivery

Monitored and logging performance tracked in real-time offer continuous delivery with operation visibility.

Improved Collaboration

DevOps inculcates a culture characterized by increased workflow and cooperation, as development teams need to erode their inter-departmental silos to communicate in a dynamic environment.

Why do companies need DevOps?

Your organization can set up a centralized unit to use various DevOps tools like Jenkins, Terraform, Nagios, Grafana, Prometheus, or Splunk. This allows for Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Deployment (CD), Configuration Management (CM), Continuous Monitoring (CM).

The DevOps Advantage

Increase satisfaction and user-experience by releasing new products and services faster.

Automating the CI/CD Pipeline

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By leveraging AWS Serverless applications with AWS Lambda, you can expect real-time file processing, data processing, and extract, transform, and load (ETL) for data processing, web backends, internet of things (IOT), and mobile backends. Modernizing your .NET framework applications to .NET Core using AWS Serverless (Lambda) will enable simple provisioning and scaling through smaller autonomous microservices.

Managed Configurations

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The benefits of rapid development can be nullified by failed deployment, so you need to attack your DevOps approach with an operational perspective to improve defect detection and reduce rollbacks. 53% of the highly evolved cohort reported employing configuration management, a practice emerging as a baseline for company innovation and customer satisfaction.

Monitoring and Alerting

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Configured by our operating services, provisioned for IT excellence. Real-time DevOps monitoring provides unequivocal business value such as enhanced application onboarding. Sharing metrics such as latency and response time while promoting cross-team collaboration will foster continuous development and deployment of your applications.


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If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Critical to DevOps success, pre-defined deployment systems for the production of end-to-end services statistically produce higher-evolved businesses. Fine-tuning app development is right at the core of DevOps mediates the uncertainty between Dev and Ops. Additionally, a culture of increased collaboration between the two will enable a shorter development cycle.

What can be measured can be managed.

Get the speed, scalability, and improved collaboration you need.

DevOps brings the next level of collaboration and speed that enables organizations to deliver with improved time to market, enhanced productivity, reduced operational cost to serve customers efficiently, and stay competitive in the market.

Need help with developing your CI/CD process aligned to best practices?

For a performance-oriented DevOps culture, contact eCloud to refine your CI/CD process.